Another “End of Nature”

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

As humans, we tend to think that we are special. Superior. Better than all other life around us — which exists for our benefit alone.

To me, it’s no coincidence that those that hold White supremacist, religious fundamentalist views of race, religion, and sexuality, also hold this view, as well.

As Bill McKibben writes in “The End of Nature,” we are now the creators of our own destiny. In other words, gods ourselves.

No life is inherently superior to another, be they human, a creature, a tree or a flower. All life is precious, because all life has been touched by the hand of God. All life is worthy of existence.

I despise what life has become. Our throw-away, consumer culture. Always looking for the newest, the best; the next big thing.

I despise our human domination over all life religious fundamentalism. The twisted, evil notion that life only exists for our benefit. Rape, murder and genocide have resulted from such evil; and not among humans alone.

I want to live in a world not dominated by selfishness or greed. I want these to be the distant memories that my sons and their children, read about in history books or programs.

I want to see a world that values all life — be it human, creature, or our planet — beyond what we can take for our use.

I want to see a race obsessed, not with what we can gain or exploit, but by how we care for the least of these.

To see a political, business, and governmental culture dominated, not by greed or control, but a love of life; and the unquenchable desire to preserve it, in all its forms and expressions; blessed by a power greater than ourselves.

I desire to live, and leave behind, a world freed from the curse of selfishness.



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Tiffany Elliott

Writer with 15 + years experience; journalist, editor, freelancer, and play write. Advocate for the arts and rights of expendables.